Thursday, 19 April 2012

Marc Newson - an interview in design process...

Back in 2001, I visited the Design Museum in London and experienced a show of work by that years designer selected for the Conran Foundation Collection 2001. Amongst the exhibit was a concept car named the O21C and I found that I just had to drink in every detail, so fresh was its inspiration & ideas.

That designer, who had been given £30, 000 to come up with a design fantasy shopping list shown at the exhibit, was Marc Newson.

This was his car and through that experience, I knew design was a part of me. The past 10 years have been an unusual and unexpected journey into design for me, yet this is one of my significant inspirations and a mentor in the process and approach to what we do.

To quote Marc "The thing that has always driven me as a designer is feeling pissed off by the shitty stuff around me and wanting to make it better."

This is one of his most recent interviews, which gets to the nub of sweating the small stuff...

K01 by Marc Newson for Pentax from Dezeen on Vimeo.

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