Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Knelt™ gets a Most Innovative Product award!

This morning we heard that our launch design Knelt™ has received Highly Commended for the Most Innovative Product in the Junior Magazine Design Awards 2013.
Innovation has been a key driver behind all that we create at Ubiquity Design Studio, because innovation is what takes us all forward and continues to improve the world that we live in.

Innovation isn't just about appearing to be new. True innovation is about being prepared to ask "What if we tried it like this, because surely this must be a better way" and then go about finding out.

Knelt™ is just one of those innovations.

Through study, research and testing (with not just a little bit of nerve & belief) we have found that due to the angles of both the stool & desk combined, the user obtains the optimal postion for a neutral spinal posture, without evening being aware of it.

And then it naturally adapts to you as you continue to grow. That, we believe, is innovation.

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